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Made in Germany
UL сертификат

лого CANopen
лого ProfiBus

Our quote will always be lower than the manufacturer's price. Please send us the full part number of a device to get a quick response.

Incremental encoder GNAMG
GNAMG.0153P32 GNAMG.0153P33 GNAMG.0153PA2 GNAMG.0155P32 GNAMG.0155PA2 GNAMG.0213P32 GNAMG.0213PA2
GNAMG.0215P32 GNAMG.0215PA2 GNAMG.0223P32 GNAMG.0223PA2 GNAMG.0225P32 GNAMG.0225PA2 GNAMG.0233P32
GNAMG.0233PA2 GNAMG.0235P32 GNAMG.0235PA2 - - - -