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Paperless recorders JUMO LOGOSCREEN

JUMO thermoCOR
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Paperless recorder LOGOSCREEN 601706521

Paperless recorder

Made in Germany
лого Profinet
лого Profinet

The LOGOSCREEN 601 visualizes plants and process states. It also records process data in a tamper-proof manner. The device can be adapted to different requirements through various connection configurations. As a result, up to 24 analog and 24 digital process signals can be recorded via PROFINET. In addition, user applications can be implemented using ST code. 6 process screens are available for simple and clear visualization of the plant. A picture library with up to 100 graphics makes the individual design of process screens possible. The continuous recording of measurement data enables different methods of limit value monitoring and remote alarming in the event of a malfunction as well as the simultaneous recording of the batch process. It also offers the decisive advantage of significantly optimizing processes based on the evaluated data, thereby increasing productivity efficiently. The data is evaluated directly on the device or on a PC using the JUMO PCA3000 software. The batch report can be printed out using a customer-specific form.

Main characteristics of the LOGOSCREEN 601:

  • Display 5.7" TFT color screen (640 × 480 pixels, 16-bit color depth) with resistive touchscreen
  • Visualization: Up to 6 process screen displays, library with up to 100 images; up to 2 auxiliary lines per measuring channel in a horizontal or vertical diagram
  • Inputs and outputs: Up to 6 analog inputs; up to 6 digital inputs; up to 2 analog outputs; up to 12 digital inputs/outputs, including up to 2 high-speed counting inputs (up to 12.5 kHz); 1 relay output (changeover contact)
  • Inputs via interface: 24 external analog inputs and 24 external digital inputs as well as 14 external texts (10 batch texts, 4 event texts)
  • Internal channels (standard): 6 counters/integrators
  • Internal channels (optional): 6 math channels, 6 logic channels, 2 high-speed counter channels, ST code with 40 input and 40 output variables each
  • Memory: 1 GB; variable cycle time as of 125 ms; data export via external storage media (e.g. USB flash drive)
  • Interfaces (standard): RS232/485 for barcode scanner or Modbus master/slave; Ethernet (Modbus TCP master/slave); USB (host/device)
  • Interfaces (optional): PROFINET IO device
  • Housing: Front frame made of die-cast zinc with decorative foil, flush-mounted housing according to DIN IEC 61554 made of zinc-plated steel sheet
  • Protection type: At the front IP65, at the rear IP20
  • Dimensions: Flush-mounted housing: 136 mm × 136 mm × 120.9 mm, front panel 144 mm × 144 mm × 8 mm (including seal)
  • Approvals: cULus; FDA compliant according to 21 CFR Part 11; AMS2750 and CQI-9 compliant
  • Application areas: Process visualization and paperless recording of analog and digital process data in various industries such as industrial furnace construction, pharmaceutical, food, and water/wastewater.

Paperless recorder LOGOSCREEN 700706530

Paperless recorder

Made in Germany
лого Profinet
лого Profinet

The LOGOSCREEN 700 paperless recorder is characterized by a simple, intuitive operation. This is ensured by the operating and visualization concept that is based on symbols. A high level of scalability level allows the device to be easily adapted to various customer requirements: from a device version without a measurement input through to device versions with up to 18 measurement inputs, 3 analog outputs, 18 digital inputs, 24 individually switchable digital inputs/outputs, and 7 relay outputs. The JUMO LOGOSCREEN 700 can be used almost intuitively with the menu system based on symbols. Per default the following operating languages are available: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Russian, and Chinese. Individual language versions can also be created with the setup program. Language-neutral support via almost self-explanatory symbols offers the user a completely new operating experience.

Main characteristics of the LOGOSCREEN 700:

  • Measurement inputs: Max. 18 user configurable analog inputs for RTD temperature probes, thermocouples, current 0(4) to 20 mA, voltage -10 to +10 V, support of up to 24 external channels respectively (analog and digital)
  • Digital inputs (solid): Max. 18 digital inputs (4 Hz), 2 inputs up to 12.5 kHz
  • Digital inputs/outputs (switchable): Max. 24 digital inputs/outputs, 2 inputs up to 12.5 kHz
  • Analog outputs: Max. 3 analog outputs, voltage 0 to 10 V or current 0(4) to 20 mA
  • Interfaces: RS232/485 for barcode reader, USB (host/device), Modbus master/slave (RS485/TCP), Ethernet or PROFINET
  • Relay (changeover contact): 1 relay (changeover contact)/6 relays (changeover contacts) optionally
  • Display: 5.7-inch TFT color Touchscreen
  • Internal memory: 1 GB
  • External storage media: USB flash drive
  • Memory cycle: 125 ms to 32000 s
  • Front panel: Zinc die-cast with decor foil (144 × 144 mm format)
  • Approvals: cULus, FDA compliant according to 21 CFR Part 11 (extra code 888), AMS2750/CQI-9 (extra code)
  • Special features: Up to 10 customer-specific process screens, lifecycle data management, web server function with visualization as on the device, integrator/counter, math/logic functions (optional), SNTP time synchronization, up to 5 batch reports, up to 6 customer-specific editable process screens, intuitive icon-based operation and visualization concept, mounting depth up to 119 mm, up to 5/50 users, display of the process values on smartphones and tablets via app, manipulation detection with digital certificate (extra code 887), individual application using structured text (ST code; extra code)
  • Protection type on the front: IP65
  • Voltage supply: AC 110 to 240 V +10/-15 %, 48 to 63 Hz or AC/DC 20 to 30 V, 48 to 63 Hz

Paperless recorder JUMO thermoCOR

Paperless recorder
JUMO thermoCOR

Made in Germany
лого Profinet

The JUMO thermoCOR is a high-precision documenting test device with 12 analog inputs for thermocouples. The use of a specifically-designed integrated cold junction allows the device to meet the accuracy requirements of AMS2750 and CQI-9. It also has four universal analog inputs for connecting additional sensors such as RTD temperature probes. The JUMO thermoCOR's main benefits are the wide range of application possibilities and ease of operation. This is achieved by a large color touchscreen. The technology, housed in a robust case, makes JUMO thermoCOR the ideal test device. In addition, the JUMO thermoCOR communicates with the JUMO PCC/PCA3000 software, thus enabling paperless documentation of the calibration processes and integration with calibration management.

Main characteristics of the JUMO thermoCOR:

  • Inputs: 12 thermocouple inputs (for AMS2750 and CQI-9), 4 universal analog inputs
  • User interface: Color touchscreen
  • Special features: Customer-specific configuration possible, tamper-proof recording using TÜV-certified JUMO PCC / PCA3000 software
  • Interfaces: USB host for data export, Ethernet for connecting to a local network (direct connection to PC also possible), system bus connection for additional measuring points
  • Features: High-precision, documenting test device in a mobile trolley-based design
  • Housing: Case with removable lid (for indoor use)
  • Protection type: According to DIN EN 60529, IP40
  • Voltage supply: AC 100 to 240 V +10/-15 %, 48 to 63 Hz