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Transmitter UNIFLEX CI 45


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лого RailLine UL сертификат Made in Germany

Full Part Number: CI45-1☐☐-☐☐0☐0-☐00

UNIFLEX CI 45 transmitters are designed to give precise and cost-effective signal detection and processing. Every CI 45 has at least one universal input, one universal output and a relay. Optionally, the transmitter can be fitted with an additional relay, with a second universal input and counter or frequency input. Optionally, the voltage output can also be used as frequency output. Galvanic isolation is provided between inputs and outputs as well as from the supply voltage and the communication interfaces.

  • Compact design
  • Display & operating functions
  • Communication features
  • High resolution
  • Fast cycle times
  • Two universal inputs & universal output
  • Two relay outputs
  • Counter/ frequency input, frequency output
  • Customer-specific linearization
  • Measurement value correction
  • Min/max indicator (‘slave pointer’)