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Single Loop Temperature ControllerKS 94

Single Loop Temperature Controller
KS 94

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Full Part Number: 940х-9хх-хххх1

Регуляторы KS94 снимаются с производства с 1.01.19.
На замену предлагаются регуляторы KS92-1 или KS98-2.

The KS 94 single loop controller is configurable for ON/OFF control, PID control and motorised valve control. The output function can be configured for ?/Y/Off, position control, split-range control, and numerous 3-point combinations of switching/continuous control. Control modes are set-point, set-point/cascade, and programmer, each with the possibility of setpoint offset. The effect of offset can be additive e.g. reduced standby set-point or as a factor e.g. O2 correction or split load. Offset can be triggered by an external contact, whereby the value is defined via an analog signal or via an adjustable parameter. Feed-forward control is very useful to line out disturbances, e.g. with steam-generating plants. For applications where several controllers act on a single actuator, the override control function is recommended.

  • Ratio control
  • Mean value
  • Feed-forward control
  • Override control
  • Measurement value output and DAC®
  • Simple, menu-guided operation with plain-text displays
  • Universal version for switching/continuous output
  • PROFIBUS-DP, INTERBUS or RS 485 interface
  • Programmer with search function and real-time clock
  • Display of customer-specific messages
  • Spray-water proof front with protection type IP 65
  • Interface ports at front and rear