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Multifunctional Controller KS 98-1

Multifunctional Controller
KS 98-1

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Made in Germany

Full Part Number: KS98-1xx-xxxxx-xxx

Регуляторы KS98-1 снимаются с производства с 1.01.19.
На замену предлагаются регуляторы KS98-2.

Controller KS98 is is not available anymore. The successor is KS98-1. We will help you choose the right part number for a replacement.

Many years of experience as well as valuable feedback from users have been implemented in the new multi-function unit KS 98-1. The high-resolution LC display (160 x 80 pixels) permits operation and display also in unfavourable lighting conditions and viewing angles, thus reducing possible operating errors. Moreover, the library functions have been expanded and adapted to user requirements, for example:

  • Reduced operating errors with menus that have been adapted individually to the process and user requirements in national languages.
  • Situation-dependent disabling of unwanted settings and switchovers requiring access rights (password, control signal, etc.).
  • Language selection simplifies the changeover from commissioning to the user’s language.
  • Selection and display of e.g. recipes, and entry of actions in plain operator’s language prevent misunderstandings and errors.
  • Automatic and manual direct selection of display pages without detours via menus ensure fast operator response.
  • Event-driven switchover of display colour (red/green) and display mode (direct/inverse) increase operator awareness.
  • Scrolling through operating pages prevents error-prone page changes in long selection lists.
  • An alarm page clearly lists all events in the sequence of their occurrence. Alarm acknowledgement is done via the front panel.
  • Trend displays with zoom function are useful for monitoring.
  • Bargraph displays also show the adjusted min/max limit values.
  • Controller with setpoint selection and adjustment from the front.
  • Display and operation of cascaded control loops.
  • Modular programmer with recipe selection in plain text, auto/manual operation, manual or automatic search, aster/slave control outputs, etc.

When converting engineerings from KS98 to KS98-1 the following must be considered:

  • Controllers KS98 and KS98-1 have same housings, same interface boards Option B, and same boards option C Standard and option C Modular. Therefor, the connection plans are the same, KS98-1 fits to replace an already wired KS98 housing of the same hardware type. Please mind details given in the data sheet.
  • SOUT : Older versions than BD 7 (up to firmware 5.1); with operation version 7 the input definition has been changed to be conform to the other function blocks.
  • VPARA : Conversion must be done with latest version of ET98 (BV 6.1 SR5 ). Do not use older versions of ET98 if VPARA is used in the engineering, errors may occur.
  • Memory : If already the old engineering (KS98) uses up to 100% of memory, potentially a conversion needs manual optimization before the conversion can be done.
  • Context: Memory usage and computing time of some function blocks have changed from KS98 to KS98-1. Therefor it might be necessary to get a reserve for the conversion by manual optimization. This is interesting only if the old engineering had critical values of computing time or of memory.
  • As a basic principle a new (converted) engineering has to be checked for correct function, as even with highest accuracy it is not within reach to exclude all possible errors.