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Incremental encoders




Swiss Made

Incremental encoders BHF. Rotary encoders and angle sensors of Baumer are for the measuring and monitoring of rotary speed and rotary shaft positions at machines, installations and electrical drives.

BHF 16.24K BHF 03.24G BHF 03.24K BHF 03.25W
BHF 06.05A BHF 06.24A BHF 06.24K BHF 08.05S
BHF 13.05A BHF 13.24G BHF 13.24K BHF 16.05A
BHF 16.24A BHF 16.24G BHF 16.24K BHF 16.25W
BHF 18.05S BHF 1P.05A BHF 1P.24K
- - - -
BHG 03.24K BHG 05.24K BHG 06.05A BHG 06.25W
BHG 16.05A BHG 16.24A BHG 16.24K BHG 16.25W
BHG 18.05S BHG 1P.05A BHG 1P.24K