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Single Loop Temperature ControllerKS 45

Single Loop Temperature Controller
KS 45

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лого RailLine   UL сертификат   Made in Germany

Full Part Number: KS45-1☐☐-☐☐0☐0-☐00
Following controllers are available from stock at half price: KS45-112-00000-000

The universal KS 45 controller is designed to provide precise and cost-effective temperature control. The controller output is configurable as a signaller, 2-point or continuous PID control, 3-point control with optional split range and 3-point stepping control. A universal input is provided for the process value signal. A second analog input is available for heating current measurement or for an external setpoint signal. The KS 45 has two switching outputs. The universal output is configurable as a voltage or current signal, for controlling solid-state relays or as a transmitter supply signal. Galvanic isolation is provided between inputs and outputs as well as from the supply voltage and the communication interfaces.

  • Compact solution for distributed automation
  • Display and operating functions
  • 2 universal inputs for TC, RTD, R, U, I, O2
  • Universal output, relays / optocoupler outputs
  • Front interface and BlueControl®-software
  • RS 485 interface
  • Compact design, only 22.5 mm (0.87”) wide - saves space in the control cabinet
  • Clips onto top-hat DIN rail
  • Plug-in screw terminals or spring-clamp connectors - simple connection
  • Dual-line LC display with additional display elements - process values always in view
  • Convenient 3-key operation
  • Direct communication between mounted controllers, fieldbus connections via bus coupler - simple integration into PLC / PC
  • Universal input- also reduces stock keeping
  • Second analog input - for external setpoint or heating current - as universal input (optional)
  • Universal high-resolution output as combined voltage/current output
  • Two output relays or optocoupler outputs
  • Fast 100 ms response - also suitable for fast signals
  • 2-point, 3-point, 3-point stepping, continuous output
  • Self-tuning function