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Radar Sensors Inxpect


The next generation safety radar system offers a modern technology and superior safety. Inxpect produces safety systems for advanced industrial automation and robotics systems based on radar technology. Our systems can detect the entrance and presence of operators in dangerous areas and stop machinery from restarting until the area is free of people, also in the presence of dust, debris, smoke and dirt.

Smart Radar Systems


Control units







Radar-Sensor LBK-S01. Increases safety without compromising productivity. To make workplaces safer, we have developed a sensor that prevents accidents through the use of the safest technology in the world: radar.

Connectors 2 x 5-pin M12 connectors (1 male and 1 female)
CAN bus termination resistance 120 Ω (not supplied, to be installed with termination connector)
Power supply 12 V dc ± 20%, through controller
Degree of protection IP67
Material Sensor case: PA66 | Bracket: PA66 and glass fiber (GF)
Frequency Working band: 24–24,25 GHz (24.05-24.25 for UK and FR)
Transmission power: ≤ 13 dBm - Modulation: FMCW
Sensing field and
Installation height
Wide FOV configuration: 110° Horiz. | 30° Vert., Height: 0 to 3 m (0 to 9.8 ft)
Narrow FOV configuration: 50°Horiz. | 15° Vert., Height: 0 to 3 m (0 to 9.8 ft)
Dimensions 125 x 85 x 140 mm (4.92 x 3.34 x 5.51 in)

Wide coverage field


Narrow coverage field