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Vibration Monitoring Equipment by Hansford Sensors

HS-530 Vibration Module

HS-530 Vibration Module

Vibration Module

Made in GB

A cost-effective DIN rail mounted range of modules capable of interfacing AC and 4-20mA accelerometers to provide alarming and protection for pumps and fan applications. The HS-429 has integral 4-20mA and trip sensor with variable alarm and delay settings. There is also a selection of charge amplifiers and direct velocity output units that can take the charge output and provide acceleration and velocity

HS-510A HS-510M HS-510T HS-530A1 HS-530A2 HS-530A3
HS-530A4 HS-530A5 HS-530A6 HS-530A7 HS-530X1 HS-530X2
HS-530X3 HS-530X4 HS-530X5 HS-530X6 HS-530X7 HS-531A1
HS-531A2 HS-531A3 HS-531A4 HS-531A5 HS-531A6 HS-531A7
HS-531X1 HS-531X2 HS-531X3 HS-531X4 HS-531X5 HS-531X6
HS-531X7 HS-535A1 HS-535A2 HS-535A3 HS-535A4 HS-535A5
HS-535A6 HS-535A7 HS-535X1 HS-535X2 HS-535X3 HS-535X4
HS-535X5 HS-535X6 HS-535X7 HS-540A HS-540B HS-540C
HS-540HT HS-540T HS-550 HS-551 HS-556A1 HS-556A2
HS-556A3 HS-556A4 HS-556A5 HS-556A6 HS-556A7 HS-556X1
HS-556X2 HS-556X3 HS-556X4 HS-556X5 HS-556X6 HS-556X7
HS-557A1 HS-557A2 HS-557A3 HS-557A4 HS-557A5 HS-557A6
HS-557A7 HS-557X1 HS-557X2 HS-557X3 HS-557X4 HS-557X5
HS-557X6 HS-557X7 HS-57020 HS-57040 HS-57060 HS-580
HS-510 HS-530 HS-535 HS-540 HS-550 HS-551
HS-556 HS-557 HS-630 HS-660 HS-AC001 HS-AC008
HS-AC010-05 HS-AC010-10 HS-AM001 HS-AM002 HS-AM003 HS-AM004
HS-AM006 HS-AM007 HS-AM009 HS-AM011 HS-AM012 HS-AM013
HS-AM014 HS-AM016 HS-AM017 HS-AM024 HS-AS008 HS-AS014
HS-AS027-M6 HS-AS027-M8 HS-AS029 HS-AS043 HS-AS086 HS-AS090