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Optical infrared rangefinders ASTECH


ASTECH is the specialist for non-contact measurements in the industry. The range of products includes sensors for the detection of velocity, length, distance, position, width and color. In addition to sensors of the VLM, LDM and CROMLAVIEW series ASTECH also produces according to customer’s requirements and for OEM customers. The firm have gained extensive experiences in the application of optical sensors under difficult ambient conditions and offers a comprehensive portfolio of accessories for our sensors. Many years of experience in the field of process measurement technology and engineering, combined with special knowledge in development (microcontroller, FPGAs, CCD sensors), provide ASTECH with the best preconditions for innovative engineering.

1. LDM301 and LDM302 with a range of up to 3 km
2. LDS30A miniature rapid rangefinders
3. LDM42P with Profibus interface
4. Rangefinder LDM301 in protective housing
5. LDM301 on alignment bracket
6. Rangefinder LDM301A
7. LDS30A miniature rapid rangefinder
8. Protective housing for rangefinder LDM42
9. Built-in rapid rangefinder LDS30M
10. Built-in rapid rangefinder LDS30M
11. Rangefinder LDM51 LUMOS
12. LDM42A rangefinder, front view
13. LDS30A miniature rapid rangefinder
14. RF41 Built-in Rangefinder
15. Protective housing for LDM301 and LDM302 rangefinders
16. Rangefinder LDM51 LUMOS
17. LDS30A miniature rapid rangefinder
18. Built-in Rangefinder RF51
19. Rangefinders LDM51 LUMOS
20. LDS30A miniature rapid rangefinder
21. LDM41 on the alignment bracket
22. LDM301 rangefinder with telescope sight and control unit
23. LDM51 LUMOS rangefinder in protective housing
24. Миниатюрные быстродействующие дальномеры LDS30A
25. LDS30M built-in fast rangefinders
26. Rangefinder LDM42A
27. LDM302A rangefinder for low reflective objects
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Optical infrared distance measuring deviceLDS10A

Optical infrared distance measuring device

Made in Germany

The LDS10A is an optoelectronic distance sensor suitable for various industrial applications. It works contactlessly with harmless invisible light from infra-red LEDs and impresses with its unique sensor technology, which is based on the well-known time-of-flight method as well as on modern, efficient signal processing. Its simple and robust design makes it quick and easy to implement remote sensing or object recognition with a very attractive price-performance ratio.

  • Measures distance (distance) up to 10 m and determines the position of the object.
  • Pre-existence control.
  • Checking the presence of an object.
  • Liquid and solids filling level measurement.
  • Security access and position monitoring.
  • Control the presence of hot metal parts up to 1200°C.
  • Check the presence of hot metal parts.
  • Vehicle size and position monitoring.
  • Traffic monitoring.
  • Stack height monitoring.