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Laser Distance Measuring Devices PGL-050W3 and PGL-180W3

Model No.: Measuring Distance:
PGL-050W3 50 m
PGL-180W3 180 m
Reflectors: Reflection Sizes:
Reflector for PGL-180W3 210×297 mm
Reflection sheet for PGL-180W3 600×1200 mm

Application examples

Positioning of stacker crane, rail vehicle, vertical transport lift

Presence / absence of steel material, Dimension measurement of steel, Position control of steel

Close warning of overhead crane, Positioning of automatic overhead crane, Position control of railway vehicle

Positioning of crane, container, Mesurement of approaching distance to hull

Amount measurement for wind-up roll, remaining roll

Strain monitoring of bridges and infrastructure facilities


Model No. PGL-050W3 PGL-180W3
Supply voltage 12...30VDC (0.15A@24VDC)
Light source Red Laser (650 nm) Class 2 (IEC 60825-1; 2014)
Spot size 10 m:7×3 mm, 50 m:28×13mm, 100 m:55×30 mm
Detection distance(without reflector) 0,05...50 m 0,05...100 m
Detection distance(with reflector) No reflector 0,5...180 m
Accuracy 2σ(1σ) ±3(±1.5) mm
Repeated accuracy 2σ(1σ) ±0.7(±0.35) mm
Speed Max. 100 Hz
Digital input Start・Stop input
Switch digital output to input
Digital output Distance setting output 2 points、Error output 1 point
Switchable to NPN, PNP, Push-Pull
Serial interface RS232 / RS422 / RS485, SSI
USB interface Only for setting
LED display Four LEDs
Ambient temperature -10...+50°C
Vibration resistance EN600068-2 (1995-04)
Shock resistance EN600068-2-27 (1993-03)
Protective structure IP65(IEC60529)
Material Aluminum diecasting
Dimensions(W×D×H) 140 x 78 x 48 mm
Weight 350 g


  1. Reset push button
  2. Screw terminal block
  3. Shield tab for an adequate receptacle
  4. Slot hole for installation and alignment
  5. Hexagon socket set screw for sensor alignment
  6. Sensor front (Laser beam output and receiver lens)
  7. Product label
  8. Status LED's (Power, error, digital outputs)
  9. PCB and electronics
  10. USB 2.0 Mini-B
  11. Terminal cover
  12. Valve diaphragm
  13. Cable gland M16 x 1.5 mm
  14. Screw for terminal cover alignment

Two points of distance setting output

It has a transistor output which outputs at a distance set in two stages.
Switchable to PNP, NPN and Push-pull with one unit.
It is not necessary to select model by output type.

Distance setting output hysteresis

Hysteresis can be set in 0.1 mm increments for distance setting output.

Filter function

It has a moving average filter, a spike suppression filter and an error suppression filter. It is strong against noise or error data.